Thursday, September 29, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

Gay Into Straight America
Sep 29, 2005
I unicycled for five weeks-- Dottie and Robie are heading out for a year. Different vehicle, same goal; searching for authentic connections with people willing to talk. They stopped in Chelan to visit us.
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Chris Savage said...

Lars, it's very interesting to hear you say you're taking a break from Lutheran worship. I have really been in soul-searching mode this past couple of years having been really disillusioned by the Church and how "Christianity" manifests itself these days. Interestingly, I still consider myself a "Christian" in terms of believing with my whole heart the teachings of Jesus. But I find it far too painful to go to so-called worship services where the message is so tragically lost and/or so hideously deformed.

I'm also wrestling with the "the only true church" concept that seems to run strong and true through the Christian churches I have experienced. There's too much other Truth out there in other faiths for me to turn away from them.

Perhaps I'll see you out there on the road in the search for Truth, eh?!