Friday, September 22, 2006

Dotti and Roby

Gay Into Straight America ( rolled out of town this morning after a couple wonderful days of visiting at the end of their year-long tour.

40 people showed up to hear them speak at Riverwalk Books on Wednesday night. It was one of the biggest events at Riverwalk Books in a long time. KOZI radio interviewed me in the morning and Dotti and Robi in the afternoon and attended the event in the evening. In our little town that rarely if ever mentions LGBT equality, we had ourselves an event.

On the same evening as we gathered here at Riverwalk, the people I met in Pittsburg were having their own event, gathering at the front of the stadium with postors of their families, letting everyone who entered see that family today needs a broad inclusion. In Pittsburg they pulled off two weeks of events with just three weeks of planning. The energy in the air was palpable during my visit. People are coming together for bigger things.

As Dotti and Roby drove away, I found myself thinking of all their encounters of the year. Sometimes small events coalesce into big movements. Other times we see no results. But every morning those two woke with their dog Rylee Joy to face a new day, and to offer it their energy for love and inclusion.

Thanks to them and to all who keep getting up each day to join hope into our world.

Blessings for this day,


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