Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Back from Washington D.C. and Pittsburg. Soaking in new stories. On the trip I read a book that said even if 90% of our population was exclusively homosexual, that would prove nothing about whether it was right or morally neutral.

I'm still absorbing that sentence which tells the core premise of this book. I'm still stunned by this open advocacy that LGBT issues are beyond experience, beyond discussion, open only to the offenders becoming heterosexual.

During three talks I mentioned this book and it's premise. I was speaking to LGBT people all the time, saying these words, realizing that if I believed them, there would be absolutely nothing that any of the attendees could say that would make any difference to the conversation.

This is scary. I'm trying to get my thoughts together to write a newsletter, but the thoughts won't come yet. Time to be a bit patient.

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