Monday, May 21, 2007

Laramie Project Gets a Life

My Little Town – Laramie Project to live on.

This is a fun note to share…

Last time I wrote I shared that The Laramie Project was playing here in our little town of Chelan, Washington. In this town with no history of LGBT equality work, The Laramie Project sold out most of its performances.

One attendee, a high school student, saw the play three times. The high school student emailed the principal about the play. The principal emailed the director of the play, “Can you perform at our high school?” Tomorrow morning The Laramie Project will perform for the entire 11th grade class at Chelan high school.

Another of the attendees was from Idaho. She asked, “Can you perform The Laramie Project in my home town?”

I was talking to the director a few days ago. Looks like all of the Laramie Project actors are willing to keep the play alive, and to make it a resource when other schools and towns request a performance.

I’m thankful to share this good news.

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