Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Laramie Project

Our town of Chelan is putting on The Laramie Project Play for three weeks. Eight actors play 80 different characters from Laramie Wyoming. The entire script was created from two years of interviewing town members after young gay Matthew Shepherd was tied to a fence-post, beaten, left stranded for eighteen hours, and then died in the hospital from injuries and exposure.

Big Event for a Small Town
After a year-and-a-half of living in town I know a couple more LGBT residents, but still very few. As I've written before, living in Chelan is very different from the time spent on my Straight Into Gay America Tour. Watching The Laramie Project right here in Chelan has a special feeling. An attendee from last week calls it one of the most significant events for out little town in a long, long time. If you're close to this area either of the next two weekends, perhaps you'll want to attend. (Info at

See a Video Clip
If you're not close to this area, the cast YouTubed a couple of video clips from the play.

Straight Into Gay America Documentary
In conjunction with The Laramie Project, I'll be showing my Straight Into Gay America Documentary next Tuesday Evening at 7:00 p.m. It will show in the 1914 vintage Ruby Theater. It's a free showing, but donations will be accepted in hopes of starting a Chelan PFLAG organization.

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Katrina Stonoff said...

Wow. Those YouTube videos are very powerful.

Wish I lived closer to Chelan!

Anonymous said...


Those links to the videos do not work, so here is a new link that I got by searching for The Laramie Project at Youtube !

Thank you, very much.

Bruce Paine