Monday, August 21, 2006


Marketing a book is like holding a giant key ring with hundreds of glittering unknown keys. You keep trying different keys, seeing what might open the readership door.

This weekend I took my first time away from the book in recent memory. Anne had an art show here in town as part of the Riverwalk Fine Arts Festival. The kids joined us for much of it, throwing balls and doing handstands in the park behind the exhibit booths. Overall the kids found it a bit boring. Anne got a lot of great feedback. I got to do gopher stuff and watch people enjoying Anne's work. A wonderful family weekend.

This morning I'm back to shaking the key ring and working to unlock the readership door. Really, just like the weekend at the art show, this is all about making friends, opening the door to community and shared understandings.

Blessings for the day,

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