Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pastor On Trial

So, how do you just write a newsletter that the church you grew up in, after all these years and all these chances to figure out love, acceptance, and equality for LGBT people, is once again putting a pastor on trial for loving his partner and committing to live his life with that person? It would be so easy just to rant and rave.

I decided to create a resource center.

It's up at the website, Check it out, you'll find an incredible number of resource links to organizations doing the work of LGBT inclusion in my Lutheran church as well as other denominations in our country. You'll likely feel the anger and disgust that I do that churches are still prosecuting people simply for getting caught being gay. Hopefully, too, though, you'll see along with the activisits who lead so many organizations and efforts, the evolution toward equality.

I'm working on an ELCA history page right now for the website. Needed to take a break for a minute. Blessings for your day. Now back to how we got here.


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Katrina Stonoff said...

OK, I'm a sappy fool. But I'm sitting here crying. That's a beautiful story, Lars. Very honest and painful and gentle too.

Though I do not understand the gentle part. How do you stop being angry for a wrong that big?