Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When Damnation comes.

I may write more about this sometime, but here's the line:

"I found myself on my own at eighteen years of age. "Adjust to the fact that you are no longer our son" I was told when I could not definitively state I was not a homosexual. The low point of this period was when I had to pawn my microscope for eight dollars to buy potatoes, macaroni and butter."

"Adjust to the fact that you are no longer our son"

Somewhere tonight another mom and dad and child are reenacting this same hell,

Brian wrote me yesterday after learning of Straight Into Gay America. I read his story of anguish, of ex-gay experience, and finally of celebration at his artist website, http://www.brianmahieu.com/my_story.html If you wonder what motivates me...it's the day when we live the truth that love conquers all, and damnation no longer feels necessary.

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Stuffed Animal said...


It's Stuffed Animal here, the blogmaster (what a title!) of Christ, The Gay Martyr. I have a question that will call upon your experience as a minister of the Gospel. A VERY homophobic man recently revealed to me that he cut off relations with his son when the son tried to come out with him. This man knew I wouldn't approve, but still he chose to share this very personal information with me. I interpreted it as a cry for help. I felt that God might be speaking to me: There may be something I could say to help heal this rift. So I've been praying about how to respond, but I honestly don't know what to say. This man is mucho macho and he can recite by heart all the "condemnations" of homosexuality to be found in the Bible. His misguided religious convictions constitute a wall between him and his son, and I don't sense that he's willing to breach the wall. Not to mention how his son may feel about what happened. My instinct tells me to come down on Mr. Heterosexism like a ton of bricks, but on another hand, I might do more harm than good, and that wouldn't be Christian. How do you suggest I approach this problem?