Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

The Ride Begins
Jun 14, 2005
Here we go! First things. Leaving Holden. Arriving at Burlington, Vermont
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Randi Reitan said...

Dear Lars,
I wish I could give you a hug as you set out. You are such a gift to us. There are so many ELCA pastors who refuse to stand with us in even a small way and here you are leaving your dear family and going out to share stories that will make such a difference for the gay community. It means even more that you are straight with no gay family members. You don't have to be doing this but you are ... how do we ever thank you enough! We love you and will keep you and your dear family back in Holden in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Rob Carlson said...

Dear Lars,
I am so greatful for the work that you are doing. There has been so much progress made in how the GLBT comminity is viewed by those outside of it, however your experience on the plane shows that you are doing much needed work. There are a group of us here in Milwaukee Wisconsin who are watching your progress and keeping you in our paryers and sending as much positive energy as we can muster. A million thanks are not enough, but we'll keep trying.
Bless your family as well as I know they are missiing you.

God and Goddess Bless!!!!


Chris Savage said...

Well wishes, Lars. It's hard to be sitting at work when you're starting out. I would oh so much like to be there for the start of this trip like I was at the last one.

Be on the look-out for bald eagles and other auspicious omens. I'm sure they're bound to pop up!

I'll keep your ride up on my blog and maybe spread the word just a bit further.