Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

Jun 22, 2005
We're still at 20 to 1 positive responses to the STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA ride. I'm including these two excerpts just for a look at the sides. Feel welcome to look for the bridges between them. Blessings.
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Church and Sidewalk Pulpits
Jun 20, 2005
From unicycling down a church aisle to a sidewalk conversation. Sunday in New Engand.
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Barb Schade said...

I look forward to reading about your adventure every day. Today's comments, however, have stirred me to action. I am a "born again" Christian AND I am a gay woman. I am not, as the Connecticut Post called me a few years ago, an oxymoron. I believed the preachers who told me that God would help me get rid of this "sickness," I spent months in agony and prayer asking Him to help me.
It was on Christmas Eve one year when I boldly went to church because I could no longer bear to be away from His house. During a quiet moment in the service, I heard His voice whisper in my ear -"You left me, I never left you." Right at that moment I rededicated my life to His service and continue to follow His lead every minute.
God has created each one of us in His image. We are all gifts of God.
No amount of prayer or human intervention can chage the core of who we are. I know - I tried.