Thursday, June 16, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

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Why a unicycle?
Jun 16, 2005
What if one-wheelers were forced into the closet by two-wheelers?
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George Winters said...

There were six of us, riding in the work truck today, trail work laborers with summer jobs working in the forest. Except for myself, all were young college age people from a small rural town. In the spirit of Lars' outreach for dialogue I asked, "How do each of you feel about the idea of marriage rights for gay people?" In short, one person said it did not mater one way or the other, one person said it was fine but that he did not feel comfortable with open expressions of public affection by gay people, two people were absolute in saying that they did not think gay marriage was "natural." Two of us felt strongly that gay people (or GLBT) should have equal opportunity to have their commitment approved by the sanction of marriage if they so desire. The discussion continued, pros and cons and questions. But what pleased me most was that each of us was able to talk and share ideas and no one was uncomfortable with talking, and all seemed to be accepting that ideas and institutions may be changing. No one expressed a religious objection. Everyone was willing to listen and pause to think.
Thank you Lars for the stories and shared insights into a wider view of people's lives.