Monday, June 27, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

No More. No Less.
Jun 27, 2005
The theme for this year's New York City Pride Parade is Equal Rights. No More. No Less. What a ride.
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Dotti Berry said...

Hi Lars,
You continue to amaze us with your journey! Your description of the parade in New York was perfect for reminding us how important and meaningful we are to one another, and how we relate to all of the world.

We were in Seattle this week-end, first at Love Won Out Conference, (Focus on the Family and James Dobson) where we went "inside" to be a loving presence to show that "people like us" do exist, before heading to the Pride festivities on Sunday. The parade and festivities in Seattle offered as wide a variety of people and sights as in New York, though a few less people! (:

Blessings Lars!!
Dotti and Roby

Anonymous said...

Hi Lars,
I am so glad to have found your amazing web site through the Lutheran magazine!
Thanks for riding in the Pride parade and giving us a wonderful description. Our son is gay and he lived in NYC for five years working as an actor/waiter. He attended several of the parades. His comment was that the newspapers and TV news crews always focused on the most outlandish people in the parade to show what being gay was all about. He said, "Mom they never showed the PFLAG group, the gay police officers, gay firefighters, gay nurses, or the gay religious organizations." It's true. People need to know that being gay does not mean that you dress like a drag queen. All my gay friends are perfectly normal people. We support and love our son and we are very pleased that you are doing something to call attention to this very important issue.
God bless you on your journey - we will be following along!
Sandy and Jim