Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

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No Alphabet Soup
Jul 13, 2005
Sorry. The last article didn't post. Lost in cyberspace. I'll be back online tomorrow and try to get things fixed. 'till then.
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Randi Reitan said...

Dear Lars,

I have read each of your postings with the eyes and heart of a mom with a gay son.

I have such passion in me to see the day the church realizes that my gay son is God's beloved just as my other 3 children are ...he should have the same dignity and the same rights as they do. I have such passion for the world to realize that the gay community is filled with the dearest people we know.

Your ride will change hearts but it also ministered to families like ours ... you gave us hope and that is such a gift. Hope fills our hearts with a peace and it gives us strength to keep pushing and working to see the day of equality.

Our love is with you on this last week end. You are amazing and we thank you for what you have done for us.