Thursday, July 07, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

Sarah and Cindy
Jul 7, 2005
Lynchburg, Virginia today, the southernmost point on this Straight Into Gay America ride.
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Randi said...

Dear Lars,
I am glad you have made it all the way to Lynchburg to Gary & Mel's loving home. I hoped you would meet them. They were precious gifts to us as we were trying to find a way to work for justice for the gay community when our son came out. Soulforce has been both a sanctuary and a guide ... teaching us ways to work for justice for our dear gay son, Jake. I hope everyone who reads your daily logs goes to the Soulforce site It has become a family to us... a wonderful loving family. My love to you tonight.

George Winters said...

Hi Lars,
I have been out of town a bit and now plan to catch up on your news and travels. In regards to your posting: "Sarah and Cindy", I happened to be in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday and noted that the Arizona Republic newspaper had a poll question posted: "Do you think the United Church of Christ's rule-making body was correct Monday when it voted to endorse same-sex mariage?" The response was Yes, 60%. I would normaly think of Phoenix as being conservative and bible belt as a general description of social leanings, and yet perhaps the sentiment is similar to what you are finding in Virginia, "you too?"
May your roads get wider as room is found for many travelers.