Saturday, July 02, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

Equal Footing
Jul 2, 2005
Still waiting for the day that I meet someone who believes GLBT people shouldn't have equal rights. Greetings from Philadelphia. Tomorrow on to Gettysburg.
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Bert Mead said...


It's encouraging that you have found so many people who say that gay people should have equal rights, but I have to wonder, do any of them vote? I believe that many people will say they believe in equal rights, but vote differently or don't vote. Those values do not seem to be translating into our political system.

I've been following local letters-to-the-editor concerning belief in evolution. I can hardly believe it is such a controversy in this day and age, but here (in Alasks), it is.

The people who oppose teaching evolution seem to want the reassurance that the Bible says God created it all in 6 days, and that is that - the certainty, the absoluteness of that view. I sometimes think that is why state constitutional amendments against gay marriage are so appealing. If the constitution is changed, it ends the debate. No more discussion. It is one way of ending controversy and debate over an issue. People don't like controversy, strife or change in the status quo. If it isn't their rights or concerns then just end the debate - one way or another.

Our state legislators take an oath to defend the constitution, and so now after our constitution was changed, they can't even discuss getting it changed back to allow gay marriage, even if they are sympathetic.

The other thing I find fascinating about your encounters is how people start out saying one thing and as you talk with them, they actually have deeper feelings and more nuanced views than what they first say.

Thanks for sharing your ride and the many conversations you've had with all of us.

Blessings to you.

Randi said...

Dear Lars,

Reading your posts each day and now the wonderful news from Spain ..... gives me hope we will see the day of equality .... and we will see it soon.

We send our thanks to you ... as well as our love!

Greg W. said...


My wife and I saw you in Intercourse on July 2nd. We had no idea what you were doing and chalked it up to another crazy tourist in Amish Country. But on July 3rd on our way back to VA we say you along US 30 and I noticed the rainbow flag as you were pulling into a school. That when we knew you were peddling for something. I then found your website.

I'm very excited that you are coming to Virginia If you are coming down Route 15 from Gettysburg you will cross the Potomac into Loudoun County. A very conservative County. One of the county supervisors Eugene Delgaudio runs an anti gay special intereste group. Loudoun is also home to Virginia's most homophobe politician Dick Black. You are also arrive during a time of debate of a school play that included gay theme. There are many here that support equal rights for LBGT community but are still overpowered. So you may find the first person who does not support equal rights for LBGT.

Good luck. We wish you well. You'll find support from the Unitarian Universalists of Sterling which is located in Loudoun County.