Monday, July 04, 2005

Straight Into Gay America: Latest News

Hello dear friends,

"Couldn't Care Less."
Jul 4, 2005
4th of July greetings! Two more weeks of traveling and the territory is growing less accepting of homosexuality.
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Civil Union Vows
Jul 4, 2005
I've been waiting for this evening to catch up. Here's something I've been wanting to share--Civil Union vows from Vermont. Especially meaningful and inspiring as I move through some difficult territory.
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Spain's Prime Minister
Jul 4, 2005
Thanks for all the news and feedback that you share with me along the miles of this journey. Here's the prime minister of Spain with his comments.
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LaValle said...

You are the epitome of America. God bless you.
LaValle and Bill
Portland, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Lars, It seems you are starting to experience the "true" gay lifestyle when you are going into environments where all of a sudden you are tired of opening yourself up to criticism and questions and you elect to keep quiet about what you are doing. The added component some have is a personal safety factor.

Interestingly, I just had my most blatant discrimination experience this past weekend visiting LaJolla, California. My partner and I were in a boutique and I went to try on some clothes in the fitting room. She came in with me so I wouldn't have to parade around the small store. After a couple of minutes, the saleswoman came and opened the door to the fitting room (luckily I was clothed!) and said "Excuse me, but are you finished? We have other people that need to use this room." There was an empty fitting room next to me and no one was waiting. On my way out, I told her that while I was going to be buying clothes, that I had changed my mind because of the rude way I had been treated. I left the store, seethed for a while, and then went back and confronted her directly, asking why she felt she was entitled to treat me the way that she did. After a few lousy excuses, she finally stopped looking me in the eye and had no answer. I left, feeling as though I had won simply by making her feel as uncomfortable as she had made me feel.

Keep riding, keep learning. Your children are lucky to have you.

--Becky Penar