Friday, July 14, 2006

Books are OFF THE PRESS!

Today, in Kansas, 1,000 copies of Straight Into Gay America are headed out from the printers to their distribution center. For all who have ordered books, shipping starts on Tuesday.
I hope you'll really love this book. It's been such an adventure to create it. So many people have rushed to help create it in time for this election season.

Turns out that my publication date is coinciding with the House of Representatives voting on the Federal Marriage Amendment to exclude gay and lesbian people from marriage. There's an excellent article on the national call in day on the PFLAG Website. If you want to sign a petition, The Task Force Petition is an easy way to do so online. Their goal is 100,000 signatures. If you can add yours, thank you.

I fly to Colorado Springs on Monday, and I'll be unicycling with Soulforce for my publication release on Tuesday. If you've ever done promotional work you know how endless and consuming it can become. I'm thankful for the daily emails that arrive with reminders of the purpose of this journey. Another gift was made to Soulforce for my riding in the march. The giver, who I don't know, wrote this remark.

"My Godson was expelled from The Episcopal School in Wichita Falls, TX because he has 2 loving mothers. He was only 3 years old! They fled to Canada because they did not feel it was safe to raise their children in Texas. It is amazing what some Christians will do! We have to make a difference. Thanks for helping make that difference."

Next week, I'll join hundreds of people in Colorado Springs to help end Focus On The Family's anti-gay focus. I'll do my best to offer daily updates next week, of the people I meet who are acting to make a difference.

The books are off the press! Now begins a new adventure. I hope it makes a difference. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, now would be a great time.



Chris Savage said...

Congratulations, Lars! Very exciting.

I guess I better go place my order :)

ubuibme514 said...

I met you this weekend at soulforce--I was the one with the bicycle on the march. It was a pleasure and I have placed my order to have others share in your experience.

Thank you for making the march extra meaningful.