Sunday, July 02, 2006

At the Movies. At a Wedding. Supreme Court

Some of us know that Jenny Ting is making a documentary of Straight Into Gay America. She followed the ride last summer and collected 90 hours of tape. Over the winter she got it down to 90 minutes. Now it's down to 60. You need to hit 50 minutes for a documentary showing on television, 35 minutes is you're going to show it with commercials.

I showed up at the studio on Friday night to see progress and to record some more voice sections. Watching the video made me glad all over again, seeing the people I met last summer. No release date yet, but know that Jenny is working, and working, and working on putting this documentary together.

Sunny, beautiful outdoor wedding for Gwen and Joshua yesterday. Holden Village friends from the last three years showed up and it felt like a big reunion. I reveled in the day and remembered my own wedding. The dozen or more queer people at the wedding, most of them with lifelong partners, they celebrated too, but there's no way for them to walk that aisle and receive the same blessing from the state.

Yesterday was a day for celebration, but someday I'll go back and ask my queer friends what emotions they feel when they watch a man and woman walk down the aisle. Is it all celebration. Is it mixed with pain, with anger, with hope??? Next time I see my friends, I'll ask.

What to say about the Supreme Court's decision that Guantanamo Bay is illegal? Finally, a decision for the value of human dignity. Here's thanks to Amnesty International and all those groups and individuals who remain tireless in advocating for a more humane world.


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