Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gifts of Encouragement

6 days before my publication date ride in Colorado. I was looking through emails this morning, remembering the journey of these last months. The letters helped me remember the variety of reasons we need equal rights. I posted a few excerpts on the website. Maybe there will be connections for others. Here are the quotes. You can also see them on the homepage at

"Thanks for doing what you do.... I'm a PROUD MOM of a GAY son."

"I am a gay minister. Thank you SO MUCH for your courage. Your insights are keen. Your writing consistently brilliant, enlightening, questioning, supportive and ongoing."

"I am a gay woman in the deep south and my partner and I are lucky to work together. We endured several years of harassment at work and we've survived it with our heads held high. We have been together in a committed relationship for almost 9 years and we are raising two beautiful children together that had been given away and left to perish."

"I am overwhelmed at what you have accomplished. There is no other way to say it. I am 60yrs old, in a 30 yr relationship and before that was married for almost 10 yrs... I am not sure some folks will appreciate as much as they should what you have done."

"I am a mother of a 17 year old gay son.....just found out a few months ago. I am scared for my son with this world. I praise you and am proud of you! I told my son about your book. God bless you and be safe."

"Your writings and thoughts are straight to the point and cover it all."

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