Friday, June 30, 2006

Equality on Main Street (Wall Street)

Wall Street:This afternoon PFLAG rings the closing bell at Wall Street -- THE CLOSING BELL ON HOMOPHOBIA. More and more businesses are recognizing the value of the LGBT market, and they're realizing the importance of LGBT equality.

Arkansas Supreme Court:The Arkansas supreme court says gays and lesbians cannot be barred from the foster care system.

Straight Into Gay America:
The Advocate Magazine has a Straight Into Gay America article on their website this week, including a front-page picture for a few days. The article is posted here.

A lot like gambling:Publishing a book feels a lot like rolling dice.
  • You never know the payoff. Today the Advocate article feels like high doubles.
  • It's a lot like an addiction. I'm getting up with the early rising of the summer sun to work three hours on getting word out about the book each morning before going to my regular work.
  • You're just one of a roomful of players: Thank goodness there are judges in Arkansas and traders in Wall Street who care about Equality.

I'm thankful for this season I get to spend with Straight Into Gay America. People who are reading A-Page-A-Day are writing back. This is the encouraging part, making connections with more people, and with more stories. You never know when or where they'll happen. Below are a few excerpts.

Blessings, Lars

I read your article in the Advocate.
I want to thank you, as someone who's been struggling with being queer in the Midwest. I think it's very remarkable what you have done. I get very angry when I see people trying to dehumanize others just for the way they love. Love is just that, no amount of laws or naysayers can change that. I wish more people were fighting for human/civil rights because even though we love differently we are all human and we deserve to feel safe and protected and when our government tells us otherwise it makes it hard to live and that's never okay.

A-Page-A-Day Reader Commnets:
"Thank God for your kindness and being so helpful. I am a PFLAG Mom. I have a wonderful gay son. May God richly bless and keep you..."

"Just read "dad's reservations" I'm sure you realize how lucky you are. I "used" to have that kind of relationship with my mom. Until I became true to myself and was no longer part of her "mainstream" Good Luck and God Bless You..."

"Thank you for working for my equality. As a 76 year old gay male widower, having lost my "spouse" of 34 years, 7 years ago, I know that homosexuality is normal and natural and found in every species on this planet..."

"What an amazing "work" you are doing. Just this evening (in Sydney) I received an e-mail about your book and have started reading the blog pages. It is amazing to me that there are good people like yourself who are willing to confront the hatred and ignorance out there on our behalf..."

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