Sunday, May 28, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment

So, the wedding was great, (see last post.) But picture this. In one week the Senate votes whether to make it a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay men or lesbian women to ever enjoy the blessing of marriage.

At this one man - one woman wedding the brother of the bride was a gay person. He and his partner stood for family photos. They've been together for seven years. I wonder what it feels like to know that they can't have the same official ceremony in that catholic church, or anywhere else in that state of Pennsylvania?

The flower girl had two moms. I wonder what the mom's were thinking as their 4-year old daughter so carefully placed flowers in the aisleway of this ornate 1850's church?

Have you read the text of the Federal Marriage Amendment. It's short, just a few sentences that would devastate not only millions of individuals, but the character of our national identity. The langua is posted in my last newsletter, plus links to websites that are carrying on both sides of this debate. Valuable reading, but still, as I write this blog, I experience the sinking feeling of discouragement that we're even having this debate, that there's such intense energy for creating new and permanent inclusions in the land of the free. I wrote in the newsletter about my heroes - the people who get up every day, year after year, pointing in the direction of kindness, care, and compassion. They help me get up in the morning. Hope you've got these people, too.


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