Friday, May 19, 2006

Poet Cynthia Gustavson finds Straight Into Gay America "vulnerable."

Finishing writing a book feels like coming out of a solitary cave. The two hours I spent each morning, all winter, all alone, writing Straight Into Gay America are transforming into a flurry of production and 'get-the-word-out' activity. Progress is happening.

Cynthia Gustavson called me yesterday, "The proofreading is finished."

"It's a vulnerable book." she told me. Cynthia attended the national assembly of the Lutheran Church last summer, the one where the assembly addressed the question of ordination for gay and lesbian partnered couples. "You've addressed all the faith questions that I've thought of but haven't dared to ask in public. At times," she said, "when I put the book down after finishing a section, I found it hard to return to my regular routine of the day."

Cynthia was looking for errors in my book. I'm thankful she found more, especially because Cynthia is a well-known poet-therapist. Check out her website, Lots of poems. Lots of free ebooks. Books for sale. I didn't discover Cynthia's website until after she'd read my book. After learning more about Cynthia, I feel even more deeply grateful that she provided the final grammatical blessing to this book.

Publishing a book changes a person's life. From proofreading to giving a bookstore reading, it's all about the stories we share. Thanks for sharing the journey.

Remember: Straight Into Gay America is a word-of-mouth book. That's your mouth we're depending on.

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