Monday, May 22, 2006

"Yours is a story that must be told—it’s difficult to express how your manuscript has provided me with a renewed sense of my own purpose, and that of PFLAG...a truly remarkable and critically important story."

Jody Huckaby (Executive Director for PFLAG) sent the foreword today that will appear in Straight Into Gay America. After I read it, I sat for a long time, soaking it in, knowing that I'd just received a real gift for my soul.

In the polarizations that swirl through the journey toward equal rights, words of encouragement and support are priceless. Isolation creates so much fear and doubt.

I look forward to when I can share Jody Huckaby's foreword with you. It's the last piece of putting Straight Into Gay America -- a strong connection to the broader community. It will serve as a personal strength for me in those times of doubt, and in those times of answering why I choose to be an LGBT ally.

Thanks to everyone who shares encouragement with others. What a gift to hold and to be held in a caring community.

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