Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Soulscaper Logo

People have been asking about our Soulscaper logo ever since Anne first created the guy in 2002. He was two-feet high in vinyl, on the side of Harvey the RV as I pedaled through the 50 states. He's on the cover of One Wheel - Many Spokes, and he's still with us for Straight Into Gay America. (See him on our homepage)

Anne's work in feminist spirituality and her love for art inspired dozens and dozens of these characters she calls Soulscapers (landscaping the soul)

Last week as we talked about typesetting for Straight Into Gay America, Anne got inspired to paint another three dozen Soulscapers. Kent took a look and said they'd be a great addition to the layout of the book. Here are two preview paintings.

Thank you, Anne. It's nice to have an artist in the family. If you'd like to see Anne's paintings you can visit her website at www.lakechelanart.com If you like the soulscapers, there's a contact form on the website where you can drop her a note.

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