Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Will Anything Come of It All?

"Hi lars, I admire your courage, energy and zeal. I am afraid, though, that nothing will come out of it all. Keep trucking." (note from an elder friend who has known me since I was in diapers.)

"Your work - the living, the writing, and the way in which you and your family share it - helps my wife and me to keep going each day. We are grateful and just a little bit less lonely because of you and we thank you." (A relationship started from a brief encounter two years ago.)

Will Anything Come of our Work to affect the Big Wide World?
No one knows. This process is all about faith, all about finding one's own right place, even when that place is different.

I've thought about my friend's question for years; "Will anything come of it all?" I spent time writing about this in Straight Into Gay America. Here's an excerpt about how e-coli bacteria helped me grow more settled with my place in the word.

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