Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Last night I sent word of Straight Into Gay America to a dozen blogs.

Jeremy from wrote back. "As someone who gets sent any and everything under the gay-related sun, I can honestly say this is something I would actually read, write about, and take seriously. "

I've posted my announcement on our website. VIEW IT. Send it to a blog or a friend just by clicking SEND TO A FRIEND at the bottom of the message.

Defeating the Federal Marriage Amendment is rightfully top priority. It's good to see this work. What a sad day for our country if we started using Amendments to discrminate instead of to ensure our rights and inclusion.

Blogs visited yesterday. Many more to come.;;;;;;

Thanks to blogger friend Chris Savage who did legwork on finding these, "I'm Just Sayin'" is his blog. . Thanks for his Straight Into Gay America post last week.

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