Friday, June 23, 2006

Blog Refuge

I need a journaling moment. I got to my computer okay for my normal 4:30 a.m. start, then got a little overwhelmed.

Yesterday I signed up to be in the Seattle Pride Parade. The kids and I will be unicycling and Anne will carry our Straight Into Gay American banner with the Religious Coalition for Equality.

And yesterday PFLAG made a powerful announcement about Straight Into Gay America, including encouragement to start getting the book for free. Here's the PFLA article And Gay Into Straight America did a piece, too, click to read. Because of them passing word about A-Page-A-Day, 92 new people signed up to get the book free yesterday. Over 400 people are now reading A-Page-A-Day.

And some are writing back. Brian from New Zealand! Betty about her gay son with thanks for my journey. Greg, Denise, Marie, and more.

And then the Advocate wrote and asked if I'll write an essay for the magazine. By early next week.

And then I thought how all of this is a dream come true, so enjoy it, take a minute to do what I love to do, write words, savor the connections, these amazing stories that are beginning to gather from writing Straight Into Gay America.

And then, back to giving my book away, back to being a little overwhelmed, and hugely grateful. Thanks all,

Blessings for the day,

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