Monday, June 26, 2006

Seattle Pride Parade

I could use a Pride Parade about once a month. And I'd love to do that parade with my kids unicycling alongside of me and Anne carrying our Straight Into Gay America banner, as we did yesterday in Seattle. What a day.

Young people and old people. Straight people and gay people. Faith groups by the dozen. Businesses such as Alaska Airlines and Wells Fargo. Longtime advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign. And PFLAG. We were further back in the parade, so we saw the result of their work, people wearing a sea of hot pink circles reading, "I'm loved by PFLAG."

Just one protestor with a megaphone. Next to him stood a man with a sense of humor and a t-shirt reading, "I'm not with stupid."

If you've not yet been to a Pride parade, and if you get a chance to participate, take the opportunity. You'll enjoy the edges of flamboyence. But more remarkably, you'll see how exceedingly regular a gay pride parade feels. Celebration. Energy. Hope. I need a parade like this as often as I can.

Thank you SEATTLE!


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