Saturday, June 10, 2006


Alternative Title: "Why I'm Giving Straight Into Gay America Away."

Saturday morning - another 5 a.m. start with the book. Wouldn't it be nice to be a Steven King, writing full time and having someone else sell books... Still I treasure these two or three hours every morning to work on Straight Into Gay America.

With the book now at the printers, I'm turning my attention to the website, to answering emails, and to making contact with places and people who will be interested in Straight Into Gay America. A publishing expert once told me that writing a book is 20% of the work. Selling it is 80%.

Giving it away:
If you go to and enter your email address you'll receive the whole book free, one page each day delivered to your email box. Won't you visit right now and start receiving the book? In the three days since A-Page-A-Day began almost 200 have signed up. Signing up will introduce you to Straight Into Gay America, give you great emails to forward to equal rights advocates, and provide you with daily encouragement.

The Math:
200 recipients will receive the 352 pages of Straight Into Gay America. How many emails is this over the coming year?


Somehow, I've got to believe that some of these pages will a strike a chord with some of these readers, and make a difference for our days. Hope you'll sign up and help grow our nation's words for Equal Rights.


Sign-up on the home page at Let others know about THE DEAL.

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