Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Fellowship of the Word

You've been reading about the woman who wants me to keep attending church. I write back about finding my place at the edge. Unicycling builds bridges. Writing creates connections.

Here's a person I've never met before, but her words arrived this morning as a new friend. She emailed after reading a free page from A-Page-A-Day. If you want your free pages, SIGN UP HERE

...This sounds awfully familiar. Our stories are so different, and yet so the same. I am a lesbian. I'm not sure anymore if I can call myself a christian. A couple of weeks ago I went to an [LGBT retreat]. I led the worship and music. It was the first time since I have come out, that I felt completely at home, welcomed, loved, affirmed. It's made things worse in some ways...why can't the playing field be level? Why am I always running uphill? Why is the church such a destructive place for people...and not just people like me. Why can't life be more like that weekend? Where my voice is heard and respected too?

I'm pretty weary. I feel as though I'm losing my faith completely.

Thanks for your honesty. Your book is wonderful. I'll have to order a copy for my partner...

Yes. This is why I ride and write and hope. Seeking the shared space of honesty. Walking the uncertain roads and finding the unexpected companions along the way. Gifts I treasure.


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