Monday, June 12, 2006

Straight Into Gay America - First Anniversary

E-Publication in two days.

It's my birthday today. A year ago I was celebrating the day at Holden Village, knowing I'd be leaving the next day to start uniycling Straight Into Gay America.

When I look back, I realize the strange proportions of last year:
  1. Out of 52 weeks, I unicycled for 5 and spent the rest of the time writing - a 10 to 1 ratio in favor of words.
  2. Compared to pedaling 1,000 miles, I've written more words than I'll ever count--but I kept almost 100,000 of those words for the Straight Into Gay America manuscript -- a ratio of 100 to 1 in favor of words.

After all the reflection/writing of this past winter, my birthday brings the promise of renewed action.

E-book Publication Date in TWO DAYS:
June 14 is the anniversary of the first pedals of Straight Into Gay America. To celebrate this day we're officially releasing the Straight Into Gay America E-Book.

You can already get the first three chapters of Straight Into Gay America free from On June 14th, for the first time, the entire book will be available to the public.

The price is $11.95 and the book can be instantly downloaded from The e-book will be available in two versions. The flash file is suitable for those with hi-speed internet connections who want to read the book on their computer monitor. The pdf version is best suited for those with dial-up connections or those wanting to read the book using an electronic reader.

Birthdays. Anniversarys. I look backwards with amazement at the journey that our family has travelled these past years. I look ahead with high levels of uncertainty and delight for what the road ahead will bring. Yesterday Anne and the kids held a suprise birthday party for me with the new friends we've made since moving here to Chelan. Surprise seemed an appropriate metaphor for our expectations of the near future.

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