Saturday, June 17, 2006

Help Lars help Soulforce at Focus On The Family

Hundreds of Soulforce organizers are preparing to go to Colorado Springs and challenge Focus on the Family.

I'll be there on my unicycle as part of my July 18th official publication date for the paperback version of Straight Into Gay America.

1. Can you come and join me as I join Soulforce for this event? Beautiful Colorado Springs. Marching from the Denver Capitol to Focus on The Family headquarters in Colorado Springs. Each person gets a 3 to 4 mile section. Vigil and Concert on July 22 to conclude the week.

2. Can you dig deep and come up with a big (or a small) contribution to sponsor me for this event. All the money goes to Soulforce. This is going to be a serious and somber time, but also lots of fun. Gathering with advocates is always energizing. all the information Make a Straight Into Gay America gift to support THE 1000 WATT MARCH

Click here for the complete story at the Straight Into Gay America website.

Publication Update
STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA is at the printers. Proofs are approved. Plates are being prepared for printing. We're on schedule for books in hand by mid-July! We'll keep you posted.

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