Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Let the Education Begin

Two older women have written these past days.

One tells me to get back to attending church with my children. "Quit pouting and get back to church and work for change." She feels terrible that Anne and the kids are walking to church on Sunday morning and I'm not there these days for the kids.

The other older woman writes me, "So, you've become a humanist," and sends me references to check out for a place that she has occupied silently for many years, all the while going to church with her questions.

The letters are starting to come in faster now. My rate of education is picking up as people share stories and emotions brought up by Straight Into Gay America. The flip side of authoring a book, is receiving new stories. I feel grateful.

Publishing a book has similarities to opening a closet door. As I open my door to folks, others open their doors to me. I appreciate the gift of these connections. I'll share what I learn,


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