Friday, June 02, 2006

At the printer's.

Straight Into Gay America is at the printers!

My typesetter and I finished in a flurry, and then there was silence. An entire winter of writing is finished - all the five a.m. mornings spent bringing life to words, looking for just the right way to convey the 1,000 miles of unicycling, the people from the journey. and the feelings from my heart.

Looks like copies will be available on July 15, according to schedule. If you haven't pre-ordered, you can still save 10% if you order before the Federal Marriage Amendment vote in the Senate, scheduled for June 6.

Even President Bush wants in on the Federal Marriage Amendment discussion. According to a CNN article the measure stands little chance of passing, but Bush will be speaking to appease his conservative base. Must be tough to be a politician, regardless of party, always calculating the costs and benefits of each action to each consitituency.

Part of writing Straight Into Gay America is to free myself from all the calculations that go into making popular statements. That's what makes Striaght Into Gay America a coming out story for me, doing the work of coming a little closer to my own voice. It's scary stuff at times, pulling down the veneer. If you've tried it, you know. More later.


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kneading said...

HI Lars,
Love your conviction and your innocence. Wish more people were responding to your blog. How can the folks you met let you down now? I assume they haven't and I just don't get it, anymore than I can understand how a lame duck can support this admentment. It's totally insane that any bill could occupy any elected official's time. Haven't any them a clue to the original constitution? When dide a basic civic class in HS become obsolete to hold office in this country? When did not being human become the touchstone to being a politician? When did the people you spoke up for, roed for, wrote for, forget to celebrate your work? How is it that anyone straight or gay who found themselves on the narrow lane of life forsook you? Anyone who has a heart is tortured by this culture, especially by this adminstration. How do you find it in yourself to carry on when everyone has left you? Day after day I look forward to your blog, and day after day I read 0 comments. I want to swear at those you met, I want to swear at everyone that knows you. Which I find a concrete reason to swear at myself. But no one has spoken to me. And I've checked out a few of links you've sent. Although I agree with your stance i find those web sites, creepy, despite their humor, their cause to agree with mine, but the ads with man on man, (all far better looking than me) and woman on woman (far better looking than me) grosses me out.

I read your posts as often as I can. I love them all. Each one gives me the pleasure of respecting you more, but your cause less and less. Although, I support it 125%. But, where are they now? I don't have the money to buy your book. Really, I don't have the money to buy a candy bar. I would buy your book to hear your words, your story, but from what I gather for those you support, I'd rather find myself in a campsite of nasty mosquitoes than a coffe shop in their company. How can you carry on. Especially when you claim you lost your faith. Surely, Jesus abodes in the silent heart sick masses. perhaps President Lincoln said it best: It's better to remain silent and thought a fool tnan to speak out and remove all doubt.

Yes, the fact that this propose admentment to the constitution is even considered is a slap in the face to humanity, at this day and age, is insane. But anyone who is familiar with our heritage would not be surprised. This country was founded by the rich, for the rich, and to the rich shalll not perish from the earth. As of yet there is no reason for the rich to condone marriages between the same sex. If only the Beatles or Elvis or Lincoln or Jackson had been gay. The Jackson 5 obviously doesn't count, although they can get away with it; that's a different matter. Go baptize yourselves in your mirrors above your toilets. forsake Lars. And curse Bush, but relect his bastards sons..